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Cassiopeia Specialty Coffee shop at 79 Lurline St regularly makes the good cafe guide and is less than a two minute walk afrom Commonderry Corner. In fact you are spoilt for choice, the Blue Hotel for a family buffet breakfast, half a dozen breakfast choices in Katoomba St.

185 Katoomba St Hominy Bakery's signature sourdoughs are made the old-fashioned way with natural-forming yeast, an 18-year-old starter dough and an 18-hour fermentation process. The organic sourdough is as crusty and flavoursome as you could hope for. A range of sweet and savoury treats never fail to disappoint.




Katoomba has become well known for its range of restaurants, it has a healthy network of good restaurants that compete for your custom. The main street has a broad range of cafés from the grab and run expresso bar, to performance cafés, gallery cafés and more. The competition ensures a high standard of service along with great food and beverages.

Neighbouring villages are also vying for your custom - Red Door or Lily Pad are the old post office in Wentworth Falls "Il Postino's" is a favourite of locals for its breakfasts and good coffee in pleasant surroundings inside or in its generous courtyard. Leura's cafés are plentiful and popular with Mountains visitors, in fact in busy holiday times like easter you will have to queue for the privilege of coffee in Leura. .